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jacki long

So good, love it all! Thanks Carol.


Those Eight-ball zucchinis are so cute! I do miss planting ornamental cabbage and other cool weather flowers in pots and placing beautiful pumpkins and squash by them near the front entry, as we did in Oklahoma. Too cold here for that and also bear food! So, I enjoy your photos of it all even more.


P.S. I could not get into "Our Souls at Night", but I've read its going to be a movie with Redford and Fonda.

Susan M

The woman who always sold the eight ball zucchini wasn't there this summer...she gave out a great recipe for it....I'll send it to you....I missed those this summer....

Susan M

I meant to say that she wasn't at our Farmer's Market this summer.....


Catching up with blog reading, I'm glad you are back to soup recipes. I'm gonna make the carrot one today. Nothing like orange soup for the fall mood.


I am a 75 year old divorced women and I loved Our Souls at Night. It is a tender story that confronts the many issues of aging: loneliness, disappointment, relationships (new and old), adult children. Coming to terms with who we are and what we want and need. I shared the book with the man I was seeing at the time and he loved it as well.


Jackie: thanks for adding your review about Our Souls at Night. I like a nice representation of divergent opinions on books. And yours is so well stated. Carol

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