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What a fabulous experience! Love your new blog header too!


we have a balloon a fair here in portage county and because we are in the cleveland area they don't always get to take off each year for the celebration but i have been lucky enough to be there twice when they did and there are no words for the beauty and color of those great air ships filling up the sky for that hour or so it takes before they all float off.

Vicki in Michigan

What a great day! Looks like the weather was perfect. All of those balloons! And the moon!

I had no idea there were so many that were not ... balloon-shaped.

Thank you for taking us along. :-)


Simply awesome.


I am really enjoying your posts about Albuquerque. I grew-up there and I miss the Land of Enchantment every day (unfortunately, I'm allergic). We used to crew for a friend who was/is a balloon pilot. She was also one of the officials at the festival ... getting all those balloons off the ground safely. It is amazing ... I miss the whoosh! Thanks for the memories.

jacki long

Fabulous Carol, thanks so much for taking us along.
Terrific photos, so that I feel like I was there!


I grew up in NM but never went to a balloon festival. wish I would have because going on a hot air balloon ride is at the top of my bucket list. great photos btw.

Leslie J. Moran

These are your best photos EVER! Wonderful shots ~ All.

Kathy Pennekamp

My goodness these photos are amazing! You do have a gift of capturing LIFE!!!!!


Wow as always. So amazing. I love how you sweep us all away to another magical place.

what kind of camera are you using? the images are so crisp.

Judy H.

My brother and SIL were at the festival and loved it. :)

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