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I remember when I first saw your post about this quite a few years ago.... I was skeptical at first, then I tried it and I was hooked. I have now recently dubbed this "Halloween Crack" because it's impossible to resist.

Sharon Walworth

Just how many years have we been seeing this post? When it appears on the screen, I get an "all's well with the world" feeling!!!!

Lori Shaw

Just need to 1) echo the sentiments of the first two comments with a big heck yeah! and 2) express my gratitude to you for giving us moments of humor, normalcy and simple pleasures when many of us feel the ground giving way beneath our feet.

Amy in Texas

This is one of the best snacks out there!

jeanette sclar



Yes, agree with all of the other postings! This to me is the definite signal of FALL and yummy snacking ahead.

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