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jacki long

Dottie is a treasure along with what she protects.
In our family, it is Cousin Katha.♥


Oh, my. That is so wonderful. Dottie is the family historian for sure. My sister and I joined the DAR about 2 years ago... our papers were all over the place and rounding them up wasn't easy. I could only hope for a filing system such as that. What a treasure trove of information she has.

Janet G

That's my sister Phyllis-the geneology queen! She put everything on ancestry so it can easily be looked at. I had all the original photos and just recently made them up into two photo albums and gave one to each of my children. It saddens me to think there is really no paper trail or real photos anymore to be passed along and treasured--


Oh Dottie is a gem! my son is really good with the genealogy but doesn't have the paper system or volume of info on our various families. What you have really is a treasure.


Wow! I am envious. As everyone else has already said, and you well know, this information and your historian are treasures.

Loretta Marvel

WOW! I mean WOW! She is amazing - please ask her to come and research and organize my family tree. I just love your family.

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