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I always enjoy the little day trips you take us on. Breakfast, window shopping...and that truck full of pumpkins. Awesome! You’re loving autumn. Me, too.

jacki long

Your blog is just perfect, consistently! Thanks Carol!


good idea , the coffee cup gave me a chuckle.


I'm back after a long detour into the land of Floss Tube. Oh my, what a rabbit hole that has been. I've taken up cross stitch again after a 15 yr. detour into knitting, then couldn't knit anymore, boo hoo, so cross stitch it is. Now stitching on a sampler, a new to me escapade. I love the history, symbolism and the fact that this needlework was done by children, absolute works of art.

Love the Mexi-brexi. Looks delish. I'm off now to catch up with your blog since I went missing. Love the coffee cup quote. Made me laugh.

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