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Debbie J

How funny! I use the same technique as you do! It must be a female thing.

jacki long

You have such a great blog!

Vicki in Michigan

Our city has us use compost bins that are like the garbage bins -- wheeled bins that trucks can lift and empty. (So we have a large opening into which to put the leaves.)

We use a combination of snow shovel and rake. If you rake the leaves toward the snow shovel, and then use the rake as a lid over the shovel, you can hold A LOT of leaves between them, and then lift said leaves up into the bin.

The snow shovel also does a fine job of compacting the leaves in the bin, used blade-edge down, as a basher.

I mention this just in case you needed a third method as a tie-breaker. (Though I think this would be harder to do when filling a bag -- the mouth is narrower. Your aim with your rake/shovel would have to be more precise, I would think......... But it does involve only tools that many of us already have on hand. :-) )

jeanette sclar

Hah! You are ever so clever, letting Chris believe your method so inferior that he feels compelled to teach you a lesson by doing the work himself!


Oh how funny! Hubby and I had a similar conversation over leaves this past week-end. No stories of sea kayaking though. We have these round garden claw scoops for picking the leaves up, gifted by the neighbor who has the big oak whose leaves end up in our yard. I filled the compost bin quicker with the claws than he did with the rake and leaf bag. But I didn't gloat..tee hee.

Dottie Moss

In a few short lines of exchange, you have me laughing out loud to the point of tears as I resonate with the classic ways two people in relationship can both stay together and see and do life so differently. Kudos to the fine art of talking to each other.


i remember that sea kayaking adventure in maine!!!!!!!!!!!! not that i was there. but the story was good.

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