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'Please be alive...somewhere,anywhere'..........have said this for 8 yrs. Grief is universal....thank you so much for this link. I am now working on getting a 'wind phone' to put in my woods for my family....and anyone who needs it.
Missy from the bayou

Joan Coats

Oh , Carol! Great blog. I listened to it in it's entirety and was riveted. I am sending this to five very special people who will "get it".
Two months ago I bought two of my grands vintage ,rotary phones. They work! The 6 yr old knows how to dial me . She called last evening and I was out feeding the birds and didn't answer. She just called me now and said ," Gramma , I called you last night but you did not answer ...but I talked to you anyway" .
SO Special for me.


I have a phone from probably the 30's that belonged to an old man in my home town - he lived in a train car that was hidden in "the toolies" (kind of like pampas grass as I recall) and he was "The Old Man in the Toolies" to us. I treasure that phone. We used it as our phone for years until the fiber optic stuff made it non-functional. It just sits on my hall tree now. I used it to call my parents this afternoon and told them I would call back again when I have more time. I have about 40 years of life to tell them about. And then my husband -- 25 years worth. And then the patching-up with one of my brothers - who knows if those two fellows could do it, maybe... This was such a great post -- yours always are. xo
Liz in Oregon

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