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jacki long

Haven't seen it yet, but will soon! Thx.


I bet you have a good recipe for Spanish rice. And celebrating Dia de los Muertos would be a great tradition.

Sharron Carleton

I do make an altar every October... pets as well as people, for all month long... it feels good... xox


I just saw it also and I loved! It is magical. I took all my grandchildren. Just because it's animated doesn't mean "grown ups" won't like it.
Would you please pass down the tamales, refried beans and "Spanish rice". Thank you!


Carol on the strength of your glowing post,we went to see Coco in its last night at our small theatre (before the Star Wars Juggernaut rolls into town) and are WE EVER GLAD WE DID! 10/10 Popcorn Bags rating from the Bears of Quail Hill! Bless you❤🎬


I sure don't have a single drop of Mexican blood in my veins, but I could eat Mexican food morning, noon or night. It's my all time fave in the world. Tamales, frijoles refritos y arroz. Muy sabroso.

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