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jacki long

Love the RX, need it. ♥

Sharon Walworth

I am printing it out and pasting on the first page of my 2018 journal! Thanks for sharing....and for giving me a new poet to read. Happy New Year.

Amy in Texas

Wonderful words to take to heart. Wishing you a beautiful 2018.

Dottie Moss

Printing it out too. Love this! Thanks for sharing it. Reminds me of our quiet walk in the forest when you were here and where you are always welcome. Reminds me too of books about being an introvert in an extroverted world. Thanks you, Jane Kenyon. Thank you, Carol, for this and for the many good sentences you write and for your wit year in and year out.


Happy New Year Carol and thank you ! i will go on to read your posts, i love them all. "Bonne Année !"


Thanks for sharing that lovely poem. I'm taking those sentences and sticking in my ears right now. A perfect way to start off the New Year.
Here's hoping your New Year is full of roads less taken, adventures to make your heart sing, laughter in abundance, hugs all around.

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