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When you see the surprise birds who visit, you will realize how important the water is. I get bluebirds and all kinds of other visitors at the bath. I do not use my stone bath in winter for fear of cracking. We have a plastic one that has the heater attached, and it keeps most of the water fluid even now with the deep freeze. Hope you have great success with yours!

Sad to hear about Sue Grafton. Sad too that she didn't get to write Z.


Water may not be more important than food, but it IS important for the birds to find water to drink & bathe, even in the cold! I've added the 65th species to my yard bird list: a red breasted nuthatch, such a cutie.

jeanette sclar

my heater is heavier and stays on the bottom by itself, but I find that tiny birds really like the rock to stand on when drinking! So you've killed 2 birds with one stone. Well, you know what I mean. (sorry about the extremely poor metaphor!)

Carolyn Dietrich

I just recently read Y is for Yesterday a few weeks ago. I was so sad to read in your blog that Sue Grafton died. I was wondering as I read Y how the story would end when she wrote Z. Sue lives on in her marvelous books and so does Kinsey. Sue's books got better and better. I got hooked on them when a co-worker gave me several. I read every one. The last few were her best writing yet. I liked the comment that the alpahbet now ends with Y. Thank you for sharing this as I wouldn't have known otherwise. I just checked out Kinsey and Me and look forward to reading it.

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