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Debbie J

I use a vegetable peeler, for the jicama. I like it best cooked. You can roast it with other vegetables in the oven, or sauté it by itself. It is good raw in a salad too, but I think it's really hard to cut up into matchstick size pieces. So cooking it, in larger pieces is the way I like to use it. If you have a julienne slicer, that would probably work well.

That recipe for the brussels sprouts looks so yummy!


love jicama raw. Not so much , Brussel sprouts , I have given them a really good try however.
i could just smell your blend of spices.

jacki long

Yeah brussel sprouts! And yeah your stunning shots!


Great easy jicama salad called Rooster's Beak

1 jicama julienne cut
1 red bell pepper sliced into thin strips

lime juice
pinch or more of sugar

Combine veggies and dressing, sprinkle with chopped cilantro. This is a knock out for BBQ.

Crunchy and refreshing

When peeling jicama, I slice into fourths and then peel it.

jeanette sclar

Try raw sticks dipped in or sprinkled with Tajin (chili and lime seasoning available on Amazon)!


Jicama raw, it’s too bland to cook, the crunchy texture is what it’s good at.... xox


In my mind, jicama is best for the pronunciation..jicama, jicama, hiccup. The small things amuse me. btw, that Tajin mix can be found at most any Hispanic grocer or some Targets. But mind the salt...

I'm curious if you made the Savory Spice Blend in the veggie recipe. I don't usually keep the powdered garlic or onion but maybe I'll make some and give batches to cooking friends. And finally, did you include the yeast?


Maureen, yes I made it. And yes, I included the yeast. I am a serious salt lover and trying to cut back a bit. Maybe. 😄

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