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I can't believe it has been 4 years. Wow! I miss your wonderful stories about Angie. She was the best. I love your annual ritual too. It's good that you give yourself a break about those things you think were not good enough. I have those too, and they are so hard. Hope they have good ice cream in heaven. Xo

Sharon Walworth

Your stories of Angie remind me so of our memories of MY mother. Like Angie, she had a collection of sayings, and I like to think that she lives on when--unplanned and often assumed forgotten-- those words come out of OUR mouths. We look at each other in amazement, knowing she is not gone!!!!

jacki long

Four years! That proves my theory that time goes faster the older you get. Remember when you were little and time literally hung there as you waited for a special event to finally arrive>


Your stories of Angie always make me smile and feel good, Like I actually knew her. She said some of the things my own mother said, and that sister and I still laugh about. My Mom died earlier this month, and I just got word that her sister died this morning. Sadness, mingled with joy and laughter. They are still with us, always.


How I loved your Angie stories. Is it possible that 4 years have gone by? I can vouch for the time flying as you get older. Wasn't it just Christmas? Now we're approaching Easter!
The memories are what keep our loved ones with us, the facial expressions, the unique phrases they spoke, the way they told a story, the sound of their laughter. Isn't that the best one?

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