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Thank you for the recipe. My poor DH is now on an "oxalate" free diet (as much as possible) and i know that one kind of lentil is ok and the other is not as good. Plus chickpeas are ok! I don't buy celery anymore --- but i might break down for this. We cheat (oh, did I mention that I end up having to be oxalate free when I eat at home) but this has so many good things in it that it will be worth it!


Sounds good!


My own DH would love this too but he craves variety so all those jars would have to go into the freezer and wait their turn. Me, I will gladly eat the same thing every day.
Also, if necessary, eggs on toast when a full scale meal isn't convenient. I mean, he wants starter and pudding as well!!
I'm training him in the kitchen. Could write a book about that.


I made this soup and it's DELICIOUS!!!! I'll definitely be making it again. The combination of spices has a warm, comforting feeling like I've never had in a soup. Perfect for a cold day! TFS

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