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I vote for Harvey although the red maple is a close second. When we lived in a house (and i was younger!!) I loved to take a blanket out to the backyard and just lay on the ground in the sunshine!

Sharon Walworth

YES to the Pilcher bug! After your posting of MAM's Pilcher fest, I decided to do some rereading. Started with September, because it makes a nice guy of Nasty Noel from "Shell Seekers." "Winter Solstice" does look tempting...................


Harvey, red maple AND Pilcher! Why choose? Have you read any Maeve Binchy? If you are addicted to Pilcher, be sure to try her books too. And make sure you listen, because everyone has beautiful Irish accents. It may be time for me to revisit these authors too! They write magic.


I can almost feel the sun as it warms Harvey's marmalade fur. Those maple blooms warm the heart, too! I've been a Roseamunde Pilcher fan from way back and I'm thrilled that you gals are reading and enjoying her books. I've kept all mine to re-read periodically. I agree with the Maeve Binchey books, too. Happy Spring! (We still have tons of snow but it is slowly melting, and the robins and juncos are back.)

Carolyn Dietrich

Yes, Rosamunde Pilcher is highly contagious. The first book I read of her's was Shell Seekers and I wondered why I hadn't read it earlier. It's been years since I've read her books. Time to read them again!


Another author in the vein of Maeve Binchey & Rosamond Pilcher is Marcia Willet, her books are like putting on a warm sweater, slippers and sipping a cup of tea. You don't want them to end.

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