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Wait a minute--the state tree of Missouri is the dogwood. Is this another rivalry between Kansas and Missouri?? Beautiful photos of redbuds. When you open your coffee shop of which you are the barista, you can hang your photographs on the walls and perhaps you could sing while brewing your coffee and serving it up.


Love the redbuds. We had lots of them where we lived in OK. You would be the best small book store/coffee shop owner!


I love them! We have a weeping redbud in front of our house. Another redbud we planted did not make it. They're much smaller here in MA. Did you know they are also called Judas trees? Supposedly, it is the tree from which Judas hanged himself after the betrayal.


For a multi- tasker such as yourself you could combine two would be new careers. Bookshop and coffee. I would leave my chair in Phoenix for that.
You could add living above the shop , which is my dream.

jacki long

Terrific, again, Carol! I am sure you would flourish at any of your also professions, but your photography is always amazing!I'd write a rec anytime! ;o)


Redbuds are nice and they were everywhere when i lived in Indiana who made their state tree the Tulip Poplar whose wood makes horrible flooring in old houses (sorry, it was so soft the dogs nails used to scratch it all the time). Here in Maryland now we have the stately White Oak. Of course, i can't tell you where there is a white oak (except for the town of White Oak) within 50 miles of me that is "majestic" b/c they were all cut down for flooring.

Yup, me and wood floors.

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