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jacki long

I'm like you, I hate to be dictated to, but will try to see the first free episode since I love Sandra Oh, she is always amazing!


Okay . I followed your explicit directions , now I am hooked
The sleeping arms scream...loved!
Thanks for sharing.

jeanette sclar

I recorded it and loved it, too. Have been wondering why there are no future episodes set to record. Duh! Thank you for the heads up. Will have to follow your lead and figure out what it takes to watch this!


Karen and Jeanette: glad you liked it. I am looking forward to watching each and every episode as it becomes available!


I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of cable, get another device for watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or some other non cable setup, but I break out in hives having to jump through all the hoops to watch a series. I prefer to record the series then watch it when I want to, probably binge watch. I did that with the Sopranos, which I loved.

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