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Have fun. Look forward to your journals. My adventure this year is a trip to UK and a cruise to Norway.


I just saw Mary Ann’s travel journal and can’t wait to see what she makes for you. I hope you get to try several kinds of dumplings! Your travel relationship is perfect.

Vicki in Michigan

Love this post. So many dumplings! I hope for a full report..........

You are so right about practicing the pretzels, etc. I am sure that will be useful later.

I have traveled with my daughter a few times. She is the one who says where we are going, and particularly, where we're eating. I say "Look at that arrangement of gelato cones! They look like bouquets!" and she says "That's nice. But we're getting our gelato three blocks down this way." And I follow along, eat happily, and pay. And occasionally, I say, "Yes, really, we have to visit this particular museum while we're here." :-)

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