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I read this book many years ago as well as some others by her--you and Maryanne are making me want to read it again!!

Sharon Walworth

Agreed: it is one of my favorites as well. Now, move on to September and meet again some of those characters. You are in for a pleasant surprise regarding at least one of them. Other Pilcher favorites: "Coming Home" and "Winter Solstice". For another consistently terrific author, try Kate Morton. Start with "the Forgotten Garden", but be sure to allow LOTS of time, because you will not want to stop reading/listening. All her books are great and she has a new one coming in October.


I would love to see the Cotswolds too!!


The Cotswold villages are really beautiful. Not very far from Cornwall, please note!


I felt the same way when I finished that book many years ago. Another author whose books read like a cozy sweater sipping tea by the fire is Marcia Willet. Lovely stories.

Is there anything better than a terrific read/listen? You wish the story could go on and on.

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