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Perhaps Chris should permanently take over the flowers?

jacki long

So beautiful! Lucky lady!


Just finished binge reading your last 10 or so posts. I always feel a big "aaaaah" after reading your blog. So satisfying with the perfect mix of words and pictures. Kind of like the zinnias-the perfect mix of fancy and fanciest.

Judy H.

Love it.


Isn't it interesting how flowers have their 'years'?
Over here, last year was the year for wild foxgloves. This year it's the turn of the rose.
As we live at Rose Cottage that suits me fine. I'll give zinnias a go next time.


What is there not to love about zinnias?!! And now you won't ever have to send for seeds again...get a supply of paper lunch bags and as each blossom fades...throw it in a bag and label it with the color/type. When it has dried out, carefully pull out the dried petals...you will find the seeds at the end of them; if the petal breaks...the seeds will be lodged in the dried up center. I'm not picky so I collect all my flower heads in a paper grocery bag...even better when it's a paper bag from Chipotle's or Trader Joes. LOL

PS Wait for a cold snowy night when it's too miserable to go out...that is seed harvesting time!!!


Chrissy: I think a home named "Rose Cottage" sounds positively dreamy. Carol


Dotti: thanks for the seed harvesting tips! Carol

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