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Maybe flan-that is super delicious when made with good eggs.


I don’t know anyone else who peppers cantaloupe! Love it!

jacki long

I also pepper my cantaloupe Sharon! ;o)


I share your enthusiasm for peaches. At our farmers market you have to be in line at 8 AM sharp or they will be all gone--which means you have to get there at 7:30--the sacrifices we make!! I've never heard of putting pepper on a cantaloupe--interesting...

Sharon Walworth

Make an eggplant spread, and then use the duck egg to make some "quackers" to go with it. oh hah hah hah!


Angie always put pepper on her cantaloupe. I always thought everyone ate it that way. Sharron and Jacki, I see I am in good company. Janet you will have to try it. Or not :-)


Quackers! oh that's a knee slapper.


Susan, flan sounds divine. Can you come over and make it for me?


You have to try cantaloup with a huge scoop of orange sherbet inside. Devine! Have you tried it with Cayenne pepper? Very tasty!


Will give both of these a try!

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