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Simply outstanding in every way!!! All your paintings I mean!! I think you’ll need to draw us in our house dresses!!


Your sketches and paintings are amazing! Do you paint and sketch at home as much as your sister? You seem to like decorating more but with that being said you can hold your own very nicely against your sister! I am sure you make her VV proud!


Kathy: I wish I did more sketching at home. I go through phases. I love doing it, but the garden and knitting and sewing and baking and walking and sitting on the porch are also always calling my name. Carol


This may be your best travel journal so far! That Bavarian trim you sewed inside the cover is perfection! Love the Frank Marc flowers and all your sketches. Thank you for sharing.


Thanks you Diana! I love that trim, we bought it at a little store that had curtains and fabrics in Mittenwald.


Pure delight! Love that photo of you two gad abouts in your "house dresses."
I'm curious how the sketchbook could lay flat with the double thickness of the pages? Please show or splain.


Your whole post is so wonderful! The writing, the paintings, all the feelings it evokes. Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing.


I hope in 100 years someone worthy is reading all of your journals and Mams , too.


Joan: I added one more photo at the end so you could see how it laid flat!


Karen: isn't that interesting to think what will happen to all this "stuff" that will likely not be of interest to most in 100 years :-) but hopefully they will fall into the hands of a like-minded adventurer.


Thank you Maureen!

Faith McLellan

OK, well, a class cocktail is a very fine thing indeed, but--stop press--THE HOUSECOATS are THE BEST. I am making notes on such essentials! Love the gifted journal!

jacki long

Fabulous Carol! A++ full of the beauty, joy and fun of your trip, really outstanding.
btw: spent the last 2 days with your friend Pam G, I can see why you three have so much fun together. She's great!


Faith: Angie was a housedress wearer. The older I get the wiser I see she was!


Jacki: Pam is the BEST to make art with! I am so glad you got to spend time together.


How lovely Carol! Your travel journal is gorgeous and a beautiful record of very special memories. You are very blessed to have such a special relationship with your sister - that's rather uncommon. With love from South Africa


Your watercolours are so GOOD! I love the addition of dark lines, That's what makes them uniquely yours. Did you know you were such a talented painter before you started painting along with Mary Ann?

Loretta Marvel

I just love your journal, your paintings, your sister, and your trip - and you! None of my sisters like to play with me, can you guys adopt me?


Thanks Chrissy! I am very lucky to have a sister who turned me on to art and showed me it was FUN. I am so looking forward to meeting YOU!


Loretta: all the Moss sisters have agreed and drawn up the papers. Welcome to the family!

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