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Before I saw the photo, I was thinking opossum! They ate ours in Oklahoma. That’s going to be a challenge to prevent!


We have thieves every year. For the past few, they have annihilated our green beans and tomatoes. Don't know who it is but suspect groundhogs since we know we have one. Never thought of possums. We just bought a thing that sets off with motion and has strobe lights and an alarm. This morning we still woke up to our first plundered tomato. 😢 What kind of camera did you use? We need to find out who is doing this too. By the way, we also tried cat scat mat, which has plastic spikes. I put it all around the garden. We could hear the laughter the night they first attacked the beans.


Well, the good news is that we have a great farmers market with amazing tomatoes, but it does make me sad not to be able to go and pick a nice ripe one that is warm from the sun to eat.
Chris - that photo was taken with the Nikon.

jacki long

They think you have planted a buffet in their behalf?
Eons ago, we had squirrels who would wave at us as they ate our strawberries!

Linda Watson

POssum! We have an entire community living in our yard, I'm sure of it. Yes, they will eat everything off the vine, little buggers. For some reason, they don't go in our front yard, so this year the tomatoes are in the front and doing great.


Since I am not the best fan of tomatoes and his highness avoids them because of their oxalate content (who knew they might cause kidney stones) I have let the possum who lives around here eat the tomatoes. they need better PR b/c they also eat a lot of ticks. So for me it is a trade - they eat tomatoes and ticks, and i live in a tick free yard. Works for me!


I had no idea raccoon ate ticks!

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