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I also listen to Harry Bosch & think I gasped in shock during this book. If I ever get back to LA I want to try some of the restaurants he eats at. If you’re taking suggestions I just listened to Cave of Bones by Anne Hillerman and I highly recommend it. Bernie, the Navaho heroine has so much heart. Besides being smart, brave and everything else you want in a detective.


Do you watch HB on Amazon? We like it.


Ruth: I always appreciate a recommendation from someone who likes the same books I do! Thanks, carol


Karen: I haven't seen it yet, but you are not the first person who has mentioned it. I guess I better check it out. Carol


Carol--I was in KC on Friday so my friend and i went to Lawrence. I figured out that other than one time in the evening, I haven't been to Lawrence in over 40 years!! My how it has changed!! i couldn't get over the downtown area--what a vibrant downtown you have! We went to a brewery-the name escapes me, but I'm sure you know the one--it was jam packed at 2 in the afternoon. I went in a couple of bookstores looking for your local bookstore cat-but since I didn't have the name of the bookstore I didn't have much luck!! LOL


Janet!!! I am so glad you visited! Maybe we passed each other on the street. I was downtown at Alchemy coffee on Friday. You were at Free State Brewery which is always packed. The cat with the bookstore (I meant to do it this way) is The Raven. You can visit it the next time you come :-) Carol


Love Harry Bosch. Just read this one, also. Have you seen the Amazon Prime series?


Dianne: I miss seeing you at knitting! Hope your summer is going well. Carol

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