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jacki long

Me too! Never seen white sunflowers but aren't they a lovely addition to the family? I so enjoy your trips to the farmers market Carol, but aren't they coming around faster, or is it just me?


Sunflowers just mean summer to me. We have a field here with acres of sunflowers. I make a detour every year so I can drive by and admire them. You can't leave there without feeling anything but happy.

Heidi Sue

We will be driving through Kansas in late August. Oh, Carol, is that too late to catch glimpses of fields of sunflowers? Keeping my fingers crossed our timing is right!

Your photos look just perfect!


Jacki: I hadn't thought about it :-) I am always ready when I see them!


Emie: agreed!!!!


Heidi Sue: here is a link to a bunch of different sunflower fields in Kansas. You will have to check about peak bloom time. it is usually in august but the peak blooms vary year by year. https://www.mickeyshannon.com/travel/sunflower-fields-kansas/
They are usually a bit off the beaten path, but worth the effort to get to them.

Heidi Sue

Thank you, Carol! what a fabulous resource!

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