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jeanette sclar

I heartily agree that this book is dynamite! Ordinarily I'm not a nonfiction fan, but loved this! Toward the end, though the outcome of the Olympics is known to everyone now, the suspense of wondering if they would win was incredible!


We do "read aloud" books and Boys in the Boat is one I read out loud to my husband. When I got to the part of the big race I could hardly get through it, it was so exciting and then I got choked up and started crying. Boys in the Boat is one of my favorite all time books! So good!


Sounds good. There's a PBS documentary about the team too, but I'm sure there's a lot more detail in the book.

Brenda from Oregon

The PBS dvd is called "The Boys of '36: for gold. for country. for each other." Hope you can find it On Demand or at your library.


Brenda and Mary: thanks for the heads up on the PBS documentary! Going to watch it for sure.


Jeanette and Janet: Agree 100%, I found myself breaking the speed limit as I raced to work trying to help them cross the finish line first.

Jessica Porterfield

Just finished this book last week! It was excellent. I knew how the race but author’s writing was so good that the last chapter was so suspenseful. Excellent, excellent book.


Jessica, thanks for adding your opinion!

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