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I think your capitol building looks quite beautiful; which reminds me it has been a very long time since I have been to the Missouri state capitol which has some wonderful Thomas Hart Benton murals in it. (There is also a bust of Rush Limbaugh there I have heard and it has scared me away from going there to find out!) It can be difficult coming up with interesting places to go for the day when you are landlocked in the middle of the country like we are.

jacki long

So good I am going to forward your link to good friend and master teacher,tennis coach Sue, in Mission, KS. So there!


Janet! I swear I have been to the Missouri state capital once - related to some kind of lobbying day for nurses but I do NOT recall seeing any Thomas Hart Benton murals and boy would I love to. Getting the calendar out with Chris to schedule that one. Thank you, Carol


Jacki - I hope she likes it :-) If she likes burgers tell her to go to The Burger Stand at College Hill for lunch - OR even better stop in Lawrence on the way back home and have lunch on Mass Street.

jeanette sclar

The only groaning you will hear from me is that you beat me to it! That trip has been on my radar ever since they finished the rehab! What Am I waiting for?


We love visiting your state capitol buildings and added Topeka to our collection this summer (together with Lincoln and Denver...shame that Cheyenne is undergoing restoration). My memory of the Missouri capitol is of the sculptures of notable Missouri people and Betty Grable and Sacagewea alongside one another. I wonder what the conversation would be?!


And our day in Topeka is on my blog here, if you're interested https://www.elegantsufficiency.org/blog/2018/6/20/were-in-kansas?rq=topeka

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