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jacki long

Sounds like a perfect day Carol.


Oh Carol!

I was looking at those butterfly wings real close, the right one and the left one...

Sounds as though you had a Very Fine Day! Always delightful to read your posts and what you are up to, there in Kansas!

I'm remembering (and chuckling, still) the commenter who said, "You make Lawrence, Kansas sound like the most exciting place on Earth."

Thank you for the vicarious living all these years, what a Life!

Carole in SW Ohio


I thought for one moment you were embarking on another Bionic Gear Bag (or whatever it's called), but looking more closely, this looks a more manageable project! Particularly beautiful photos today, I thought. Thank you!

Sharon Walworth

How clever of you to match your clips to the fabrics in your project. Just how big is your clip collection? (or, how limited is your fabric color range?) :)

Chris oliveira

I don’t ever remember reading before that you make key lime pie. That is the last straw. I will be on the next plane to Lawrence.


Ok Chris! I will get the plates and forks out! Do you want tea or coffee to go with?


Well Sharon, I think this photo shows all the colors I have 😄

Caroline Berk

Orange and gold butterfly on pink zinnia. Does it get any better? And are those two darling blond knuckleheads? We haven't seen them in a while - I guess that they have grown by leaps and bounds!

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