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DITTO!!! I am on a verge of a rant. Wouldn't take but a minute after 2 glasses of wine. Actually during the first glass I could be rolling. I am SUCH an enlightened catholic.

Sharron Carleton

It’s still business as usual I’m afraid...

Chris oliveira

I was raised Catholic but left that path long ago for many reasons
. I think this whole thing is just a great betrayal. I am so not well versed in the Bible, but I know a song from Jesus Christ Superstar that I believe comes from scripture. “Alas alas for you.” So apropos, I think.

Heidi Sue

It is inexcusable. Full stop. I don’t feel optimistic about real change until those in charge are removed from power. That being said, I work for a Catholic health system and see the good works our nuns do every day, ministering to those who are underserved. Those women, who took a vow of poverty in order to live out their calling, are the true heroes of the Catholic church. When THEY are in charge, then things will change.


My husband calls himself a recovering catholic. The fact that this is still happening is disgusting.

Vicki in Michigan

Any time large groups of people are left entirely out of the decision-making process, bad mistakes are going to be made.

No excuse for abuse. Period. Of children, of women, of people of color, of our beautiful planet and our fellow travelers.............. No. Just. No.


Thanks to each of you for adding your voices. Heidi Sue I am 100% in agreement with you.

Judy H.

The situation within the church is so disgraceful. I consider myself a 'cafeteria Catholic'. I still attend mass (but miss more than I used to), but struggle with (and ignore) so many of the archaic rules & regs. I also am sad that good, right-doing priests, nuns, and church-goers are tarred with the same brush as the bad actors. Also distressed by so many people equating pedophilia with either gay clergy or priest celibacy (the 'if priests could marry, kids wouldn't be abused' argument). NOT the same issue AT ALL. No excuses for the horrific crimes committed. :(

Linda Watson

I was speaking out rather loudly one night during a dinner with friends about nuns not being allowed to be priests. And then, my friend sitting next to me, who is a Mother Superior, only that's not what they're called anymore, quietly said, "But I don't want to be a priest. I'm much happier and can accomplish more in the world as a nun." Huh? Her home church is in Germany, but she travels the world, and her order is particularly involved with children in south Africa. Until now, I have never talked about this issue again, because I'm not Catholic, and so I figure, what right do I have to speak for my friend and her friends? But, I still don't get it.


Linda: I understand your friends point completely. It's like when people in the past have said to me "you should be a doctor" and I tell them "but I like being a nurse, and I think I am pretty good at it". The point is, if I wanted to be a physician I could. No one is telling me I can't because I am a woman. I think there are women who not only would make excellent priests, they also want to take on that role, and if they do, they should not be prevented from it simply because it is dictated that the role can only be filled by one gender.


Episcopalians here and some of the best priests I have known are women. That is not to say that women can’t have problems also, but the RC clergy seems rather like a hideout for men who well,
Have something to hide.
It makes those men who want to serve and image God to the people suspect also. I believe in forgiveness and second chances but not in this case. Not ever. No matter who it is.

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