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I completely understand, Carol. I feel as is I "know" so many people through blogs, Instagram, the old Yahoo groups...even though we've never met in person. My heart is with you.

Chris oliveira

I’m so sorry Carol, and I can definitely relate.


You are right about the connection with people online. It is to me, much like when when your dear mother passed. While I never knew Momma Moss - i felt like I knew her from your posts and Mary Ann's posts.

So yes, there is much that is good about the online experience. I just wish we could all find that good and replace all of the nastiness that is out there.

jacki long

So well put, Carol.
I relate in that I am close to, attached to several who seem closer than some friends who are near? I am sorry for your loss, you have identifies a new category.

jacki long

And, I agree with Claire. Because of your and Mary Ann's eloquence in writing of Angie, I did grieve her passing and love when you bring back memories.

Sharon Walworth

Let me add my voice to those mourning the loss of Angie. She is often with me when I wake, sleepless, in the early morning hours. I think of her words "When I woke up in the morning, I decided I wasn't ready to die, so I came up with a plan." That always helps!!!!!

But then, of course, I always think of YOUR words: "The only reason to make a plan is to break the plan." Oh yeah, that is sometimes just what I need to hear!

Dawn Edwards

What a lovely post Carol. I didn't know naturegrl64, but hearing how her emails, comments and posts connected with you in such a lovely way was touching. Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts.

jeanette sclar

Oh,so sad to lose her! I discovered her back in my Flickr days and was delighted when I got onto Instagram after a long hiatus and found Diana there. The internet has brought so many lovely people into my life. It's amazing what lovely connections are made there.

Linda Watson

I'm so sorry for your loss. You're so right about online friends and, even, acquaintances. I just found out that one of my online friends has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I find myself holding my breath while waiting to hear the results of her further tests. It's amazing, isn't it?

Vicki in Michigan

Of course you have lost a friend you never met in person.

I have friends I've worked with online for years and years that I've only briefly met in person, and friends I have never met in person whom I have known for years and years online.

And there are many more people I have followed for years and years online, whose work I admire and enjoy, whom I would be very sad for our world to lose. (Like you, and Mary Ann......)

I'm sorry I never got to know Diana. I'm glad you did know her, and I am very sorry for your loss.

Loretta Marvel

I had no idea that Diana had passed away until right now as I am reading your blog. What a shock! We had a similar online relationship and I loved all her posts and comments, etc. Do you have any personal contacts for her that I could send a note to? Email or otherwise?


Loretta, I don’t have contact information but I have a detective on it. If any of you know it please email me.


I will, Carol. I left a comment on her IG should her family be monitoring it. So sad.


I think about the nature of internet friendships a lot. If I saw you or either of your sisters in town, I wouldn't hesitate to speak. I feel a kinship with you though we've never met, because of what you share via blogs. You don't necessarily feel the same about me-my writing is much more sporadic. So, while I might approach you with arms open wide and a surprised grin, I'm clear you might turn and run in the opposite direction. It's a weird thing. I too loved chatting with Naturegrl-she was open and thoughtful. What a loss. I feel ya.


Carol. I've been away for several weeks, and just now catching up with blog reading. I'm so sad to read of Diana's passing. I discovered her when we both took one of Mary Ann's classes, followed her on Flickr, and knew we could be friends just because of our shared love of art and nature. Her inspiration board is lovely, thanks for sharing it.
Like others have mentioned, I too, came to know and love Angie because of the things you and Mary Ann shared, and always love your mention of her.
Again, so sad about Diana, I will revisit her sites and look again at the beauty she left behind.

Judy H.

RIP :(


I am also very sad to learn of Diana's passing. I would admire all her beautiful photos, and her meticulous journals. I can't help but wonder how something like that could have happened. A routine medical procedure? I can't get that thought out of my head. I think I'll go look at all her lovely photos. She left us all a legacy.
Thank you Diana!

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