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jacki long

Thanks Carol, I will try too.
I use another method of keeping away bad spirits.
I'll share if you're interested.


You can't go wrong with St Francis... my Mom's had one for as long as I can remember. I'm hoping one day to have one of my own... for now, the Blessed Mother will take her place by my front door.

Sharon Walworth

Carol: your sadness regarding the "demise" of Writer's Almanac has been echoed here. I just did some research online, and discovered that it is BACK. GK is doing it as a podcast and radio performance. You can follow on Facebook, or --as I just did---sign for an email which will include a daily poem and some of his beloved bits and pieces of history, plus a link to the radiocast. Just google his name and you'll find it. Thanks so much for your remarks: I feel as if some sense of order has returned to my routines. :)

Vicki in Michigan

I think we need more detail on that "in a line" thing. Do they mean "all next to each other"? Or do they mean one after the other, so one straight-line trajectory would take a person through all three?

So hard to follow directions when those directions are ambiguous............

But I'm sure it doesn't matter, when one is as well fortified with protective figures as you are.

:-) :-) :-)


Jacki, I have no "real" concerns about bad spirits. But I loved the sentiment of the poem. Do share your method with all of us in the comments thought !


Sharon, Thank you so MUCH for the heads up!

Dana Burrell

Thank you Sharon! The Writer’s Almanac was delivered to my email this morning and I immediately subscribed in my iTunes Podcast app. I love hearing poetry’s cadence!

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