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jacki long


Chris oliveira

I love your tradition!

Geraldine Rudolph

Remember that post where you told about every time you left your mom's house, you would back out of the garage and honk your horn, and Angie would jump out of her socks every time?
Carol will certainly be Carol, right?
You and your mom are darling.


I sometimes feel that I'm a part of this family too after the years of loving Angie and her 'nere do well' children. That's a phrase from someone in my family. While I can't recall who it was, the phrase included any king of mischief making tendencies and it seems the Moss clan fits it quite well, TY!

A belated question...just catching up on some posts... why a hand mixer for the pumpkin bread not a stand one?


Maureen, no reason a hand mixer must be used, it’s just quick and easy and not a lot of mixing to be done with this recipe.

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