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I've just realised you have a different narrator to our British one. I wish you could hear Sean Barrett - he's one of the jewels in Audible's crown. And that's saying something.
This is my favourite series of Audible books, witty and really well written. I'm so glad you're enjoying them.

Vicki in Michigan

Thanks for the recommendation!

My library thinks they are written by Mick Herron. It has a terrible search, and didn't find Jackson Lamb at all. Google knew, so then I went back to my library with Mick's name, and it was all "why didn't you say so?"...........



Chrissy: I LOVE this series and am trying to space them out so I can re-visit my friends at Slough House regularly. Can't wait to see what happens in installment #4. You are the BEST for recommending it. This reader is pretty good by the way. I will have to look for a book read by Sean Barrett though. I do love a good narrator.


Vicki: I should have clarified that they are indeed written by Mick Herron but they are known as the Jackson Lamb series after one of the characters. Glad you found them though. You will not be disappointed.

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