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jacki long

Wonderful, Carol! I agree, totally. It may sound silly, but I miss Angie too, even if only through your words and pictures. Thank you for including us.


I agree with Jacki.... you brought Angie to life on on your blog and I got to know her. I find I miss the "ordinary" things the most when remembering people who have passed. Thanks for sharing... Family rituals and traditions are an important part of life.

Vicki in Michigan

Thank you, Carol.

Chris oliveira

Thanks for sharing it, Carol.


We talk about a birth so why wouldn’t we talk about death/the dead. Later this month I’m going to visit my parents who died when I was 28 & 31. Long long ago.


Carol, I enjoy going along on your trips to visit Ray and Angie. So touching and funny! We do these type of rituals at Mom & Dad's graves too. I suppose everyone does. I always wish I could write about them as
eloquently as you do. The graves look lovely with the fall foliage.

Loretta Marvel

Thank you for bringing us along. My family does not do this, though both my parents are buried only a few blocks from most of us. It becomes overwhelming as we age to go to the cemetery and visit the plots of each side of the families and its offshoots. More under the ground than above now.

Question - did you notice the two interesting glowing "spots" in two of your pics- looks like Angie is keeping on eye on all of you!

Judy H.

Lovely. xo

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