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jacki long

Wow! What a gem! The intricacy of the stitches is both amazing and beautiful. I love patterns, and the more the better. I don't sew, stitch etc but I have a great love and appreciation of that talent. Thanks so much for sharing.


That is stunning! I have seen a lot of crazy quilts and this one takes the prize for uniqueness and intricacy of stitches. It is a beautiful piece of work. It would be a wonderful addition to a museum.


This is so beautiful and has been so well taken care of!

Beth Leintz

That is amazing, a true work of art! I bet you could spend hours just looking at and appreciating all the details.

Mary 'Joan' Madden

Thank you for the beautiful post Carol! I can't wait to share this with my Aunt.. she will be thrilled with the pictures and comments. I'm blessed that she chose to give me this precious quilt.

Chris oliveira

This is unbelievable! What a beautiful work of art and love.

Barbara Tarbox

Only one word, exquisite!
Is there anymore history available from Mary Joan about these sisters that she could
share. With such extraordinary artistic talent it would be wonderful to know something
about their lives.




WOW!!! What a legacy these sisters have left behind. A real treasure.
Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Judy H.

Holy Cow! Fabulous quilt!

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