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The flower is called a yo-yo. You can buy the little thing that helps you make them at Hobby Lobby and they come in different shapes. They’re easy to make!

Sharon Walworth

Of course you can make a similar project. Yoyos are my favorite "take along" project, since precut circles and needle/thread fit into a wee case for your purse. And no need to purchase templates etc. Google "yo yo" or go to www.positivelysplendid.com/fabricyo-yotutorial" for easy directions and inspirations.

jacki long

My Grandmother Beatty was a member of the "Willing Workers" a church group that met and made quilts for people in need. My Mother and Grandmother spent a summer making clothes for her to take to college and a quilt. I have no sewing talent, but i so admire anything with stitches. I have two friends who uses stitches in their art work and it is so appealing. TMI?


Jacki that was PAMI (the perfect amount of information)!


Sharon and Anne: thanks for the scoop. Guess who is buying a yo-yo maker today?


I love the linked piece - and i agree that everyone is too concerned about perfection to relax. I remember there is an old saying that goes something like "only God is perfect" so there should be a small error in everything. There normally is more than small error in my work - but they are the small hallmarks of hand made to me. Most people never see the flaws (so you added a stitch one row and k2tog on another later row to even the count) but I know they are there. But it should always be the sheer job of doing something (and relaxation) that makes things worthwhile.

sorry i rambled - as i prepare for my retirement in 15 weeks (yup, counting weeks b/c it is a smaller number) i have to remind myself - hobbies are fun and they should never become another job.

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