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jacki long

So beautiful Carol, thanks so much for sharing inevitable moments with us. This touched me deeply.


I wish everyone could have their own Carol by their bed on the final day. Thank you.


Don't even have words...

Chris oliveira


Joan Coats

You are a gift, Carol.



This is most certainly the most beautiful piece of writing I'll read all day. Thank you.

robin cox walsh

You simply amaze me. How lucky they are to have you at their side in the last moments......♥♥♥♥♥

Loretta Marvel

You write so naturally and poignantly about your ministry, for truly it is a ministry. As others have said, I hope everyone can have a Carol by their side as they cross the river.


Thank you so much for sharing such a poignant and thoughtful post.
Thank Dottie too, for sharing the perfect poem.
To the both of you.💕

Steve and Janelle

Thank you for writing this most powerful post.

Judy H.

Beautiful. <3

Beth Leintz

I second what others have said, such a moving post. You are a gift to all those you care for. Thank you for sharing bits of that gift with us.


Tears here ... Thank you Carol. xo

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