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Sharon Walworth

Knowing only what you have told us about Angie, I think the REAL question should be: What was SHE doing that required getting rid of you girls for a long period of time? I'm betting the new "Ladies Home Journal" arrived in the morning mail!!!!!

jeanette sclar

She was 100% fooled.... or she really wanted to encourage you to READ. :-)

Caroline Berk

I did the same thing, but didn't hide in the closet. I just let the electrolux run while I sat and read for a while after my mother said that I had finished too quickly to have done a good job and that I needed to do it again.


Oh, we had the never say die Electrolux too. My mother insisted I vacuum our dark green carpet daily! She couldn't stand to see a piece of lint or anything on the carpet. How I wish I had that vacuum today.

Alpha Shanahan

hello, i am a quiet follower of your sister mary ann, and checks in here, too. I hope she is alright? No post from her for over a week ...

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