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LOVE it!!! I really like to see artist turn ordinary things that no one even gives a 2nd thought to, and then they turn it into something beautiful. Also.. it's a good way to keep items out of the landfills. Win-Win.
BTW... I have my Sew Together Bag all cut out and we're to start sewing it Saturday. I'm very excited and I thank you for getting me interested in this project!

jacki long

Thanks for sharing this, Carol.
You were right, so amazing and satisfying.

Sharon Walworth

I enjoy working with this visual concept, but using old buttons...................the base button is often 3" in width, and with three buttons piled up/glued, plus some threads or a bead, the addition of a pin back turns them into lovely gifts. And vintage/old buttons are nice objects for searching yard sales/thrift shops etc. There's a project for one of your "crafty girls" meetings!!!


What a fabulous and wonderful idea!!! I love it. Thank you for finding it and sharing with all of us!!!


Very cool. This kind of "art" really rows my boat! So glad you got to see it, and shared it.

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