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Debbie J

My goodness! I can't believe that robin's nest is right out in the open like that. What a wonderful shot you got of her on the nest. Thanks for sharing.


I'm originally from KY and the Hot Brown is my absolute favorite. My GM owned several restaurants but no Hot Brown's on her menu. But... that was my requested dish every time I visited her. My mouth is watering now... Her fried chicken was right up there too! At one time I believe KY was the only place where bourbon was distilled... is that still true?


Emie: here is what I learned on my distillery tour. There are 5 things that make it bourbon. To be classified as bourbon must be produced in the US, has to be made from 51% corn, has to be aged in a newly charred barrel, has to be distilled
at no higher than 160 proof, and has to be a minimum of 80 proof when bottled. I thought that was interesting. Kind of like champagne only comes from France.

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