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Chris oliveira

I am an only, and i love it. But i was younger than that when i began wishing for a sibling. Not when i was small, though. I loved being the center of attention! And i did have cousins who filled in some of the edges...


Like so many of his poems, he touches just the right note doesn't he. One of my favorites (and probably one of his most popular) is The Lanyard. I'm sure you know it. I am the oldest of seven---six girls and one boy. I don't remember ever wanting to be an only, though when I was about 14 I did seriously think about joining a cloistered order of Carmelites---just for the peace and quiet I think. As an adult I always needed some alone time, though with five children that usually didn't happen until late at night when they were all in bed. Carol, thank you for sharing this poem and thank you for sharing your life with us in your blog.


Billy often strikes a melancholy note (the Irish in him, I suppose) but he's never sorry for himself really. I love his poems. The first one I ever read was In the Country and I was a fan forever.
As for you four little beauties, you are an example to the world of the tender, jokey, close relationship we'd all like to have. The poem's a clever one - my son was the same until he got his three step-siblings. That's when the fun began. I say fun advisedly!


Chrissy and Maureen - thanks for pointing out your favorites of Billy Collins. I had to go and read them both again. What a talent he is.

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