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jacki long

Wishing you a great walk and picnic, together.


I'm so happy you had a chance to come to my fair NM and enjoy yourself. There is so much to see and do here, and it's great you didn't let the cold weather stop you. We were in the Pecos Wilderness while you were here and nearly froze, quite unusual for us for May. Today is beautiful and there is just a hint of warm to the air. I'm headed out with Kino for a late walk before we pop our chairs open on the driveway and watch the mountains turn red. xo


Dear Susan, I am smitten with your state. And no amount of coolness, rain, snow hampered my enjoyment! “Watch the mountains turn red” - what a lovely pastime. We could see that from Dottie’s dining room table ❤️❤️


Thanks Jacki!

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