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I read this in my book club this year. Although a bit slow at the beginning, the more I read it, the more I liked it. Imagine being confined to one location for such a long time--but if you had to be imprisoned in a building the Metropol hotel would be it! I liked imagining how it would be to live in that situation. The resiliency of the human spirit and mind--he was interest in everything and kept his mind refreshed with new ideas. The ending was not what I expected.


I totally agree - one of my all-time favorite reads. Such wonderful characters, and a really original and engrossing plot. I think it’s one to re-read in a couple of years, too.


This may spoil the end if you haven't read the book.. I am trying to be vague, but further comments may let the cat out of the bag. Be warned.

Janet and Dianne: Once I thought I knew what he was doing at the end, I expected he and Sofia to meet up. Were you guys surprised by where he ended up?

jacki long

I asked you once if you had read it, Carol? I just finished it yesterday and I agree with everything you said and more. I found myself dragging my feet in reading towards the end, as I didn't want to be over.

Violet Cadburry

LOVED this book. And as I am entering my sixth decade also have conveniently forgotten the plot. So I get so go another round. I have a list of great books I have read and recycle it every ten years or so😂


I have already purchased my personal copy with the exact plan you have Violet Cadburry!! I am going to get this copy all marked up!


Jacki! I did the “slow down to stretch out” maneuver at the end too!

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