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jacki long

I agree! L love our trips to the Farmers Market.

Vicki in Michigan

Love your market trips. :-) Thank you for sharing them with us.

Peonies are my fave..........

Dianne King

Those peony pics of yours always grab me by the heart! Is there anything n nature more gorgeous than a peony? I think not! Thanks for always sharing such delicious gorgeousness with us...


Dianne: when I come to visit you so I can play with all your CATS, I will bring you a giant bouquet of peonies!! Carol


You are so lucky with your farmers market. I especially look forward to your recipe ideas.

The picture of beetroot reminds me suddenly that my Dad had an allotment when we were small. He used to wheel us up there in his garden barrow and we'd bring home, among other lovely things, beetroots the size of golf balls, or even smaller, with an unforgettable sweet taste.


Chrissy: what a lovely memory to have from when you were so young. Thanks for telling me about it. I am picturing it in my mind. I so loved the allotment gardens in Stockholm. Like nothing I had ever seen before. It was like a fairy tale. Carol

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