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Sharon Walworth

gorgeous photos. And speaking of strawberries, I'm assuming you already know and enjoy the British specialty? Ripe clean whole berries, sour cream, and brown sugar (I prefer light). Dip berry in cream and then sugar. Eat whole. Repeat. Splendid summer dessert or picnic fare.


Sharon! Oh YES, I know the French version of that - creme fraiche then the brown sugar with big toasted walnuts on the side if you are lucky enough to have those too. I call this the French way because that is where I first had them like that.


mmmmmm...BLTs with Duke's Mayo. I was a Hellmann's/Best Foods mayo girl my entire life, then I heard about Duke's on some cooking show. We can now get Duke's in Ohio and I'm a convert. My sweetie is diabetic and Duke's has NO sugar. All your pix are lovely & now I'm hungry!


Debbie: I also just like opening my refrigerator and seeing that big old jar of Dukes in there!


Just made the Thai quinoa cabbage salad. Used macadamias and added avocado. Tastes great right out of the mixing bowl. Thanks!


Leslie: those sound like some marvelous substitutions/additions! Carol

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