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Debbie J

Yes, turtles can have bright stripes or spots, on different areas of their shells. I looked up yours and found out that it's likely to be a - northern red-bellied cooter.
No, I didn't make up that name!

jacki long

The thistles are amazing?


Looks like a painted turtle. And no I didn’t make that up either.


Red-bellied Cooters can be confused with painted turtles. You can distinguish a red-bellied cooter by its larger size, reddish plastron and lack of yellow marks on its head.


jeanette sclar

I hope you picked it up to see the underside! If it's like the ones in my yard, It's underside is covered in beautiful colored "graphics".


Oh I was so worried about not disturbing it I did not even think about picking it up. Silly me.


Thanks for this Wendy!

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