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Thank you for writing this. We all face death, some sooner than others but, helping us recognize that this is a natural event is a good thing. Helping us help others is a major good thing!


thanks for the post and the link to the book

Chris oliveira

Thanks for posting. Here in MA, it’s important to have an MD signed DNR if someone is living at home without hospice. When my father-in-law passed, it was unexpected, but he was quite elderly and frail. He passed very peacefully one morning. Everyone knew CPR would be cruel and so they did not administer it. They also waited a bit to call 911 so they would not do CPR. When police arrived, the family was berated for waiting to call them. If they had a DNR signed by a doctor, they could call 911 without fear that they would resuscitate him. Without the document, the rescue crew is legally required to do it.


Thank You

jacki long

Good real facts and thoughts. I have a DNR in mt legal papers, but not one signed by a doctor.

Amy in Texas

Thank you, Carol, for your honest thoughts and helpful words. Early on Pop and Mom both shared their wishes about a DNR. Almost three years ago my dad passed away in the hospital. The staff was so kind and respectful. I hope when it’s my time to go that I’m treated just as well.


Carol, you say it so well. Life long nursing makes one wise and knowledgeable. I am on board with all your words. I have forwarded this blog to 23 people. You do so much good...and now the ripple effect. Thank you from Wisconsin


Chris: your situation is the exact one I am hoping to help people with. You are absolutely correct in that if you do not have an OUTSIDE THE HOSPITAL DNR form which is signed by a physician, EMS personnel are required to attempt CPR. I am so glad you commented here. If anyone else is worried they will be in this position please get an OUTSIDE THE HOSPITAL DNR form completed with your doctor. I posted more about outside the hospital DNR forms on a post on 4/29/19 - for more information on that.


Joan: thank you for passing this along to others who may benefit from reading!

Sharron Carleton

So important, many thanks... xox

Liz in Oregon

Your posts like this are so lovely and helpful and kind - and I love you for them. (insert heart emoticon here) As in the past, I take them in but then go back to my procrastination -- age 66 this year. Worked as a legal secretary for 40+ years...still no will nor advance directive. Granted, divorced eons ago and no kiddos but still...I do not want to be hooked up to life support. Maybe this post will get me finally kicked into gear. And I will know how to react kindly if ever called upon in the way you speak of. Thanks, sweet Carol.


Liz: it is my pleasure :-) Carol

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