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Grain Bowls are my favorite way to lunch unless it's cold outside then it's soup to the rescue! I especially love the nuttiness of quinoa but any grain is fab. They're also a great way to "clean out" the frig.

jacki long

Sounds great1


Except for the Kale, that's looking fine! I don't like Brussels sprouts or Kale,and my theory is that one should cook the sprouts wrapped in the Kale, which would make them easier to dump in the trash. (tee hee). Are you familiar with Jessica Seinfeld's "Food Swings"? Our library cookbook guild used it for a recent meeting, and the first half is an interesting collection of "healthy" choices; my contribution that month was a quinoa/banana/date muffin which we all loved. Baked in mini muffin pans, they would make splendid "sides" with that grain bowl (and they freeze well). Keep those good ideas (sans kale) coming.

Alison Richardson

That sounds awesome yum. We're heading towards spring down here in Africa so I definitely want to try the grain bowls. xx


Emie: I am newly discovering the grain bowl and am finding them easy to fall for!

Sharon: I love Brussels sprouts and Kale and thank you for leaving your share in the world for me to enjoy. Thanks for the tip on Food Swings - will have to check that out!

Allison: Spring in Africa - that sounds like something I should experience. I will bring lunch :-)

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