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Debbie J

You are hilarious! The sketch of Mary Ann looks great!

Mary Hennessey

Your book sounds like it will be pretty interesting...look forward to hearing more!! I very much enjoy your blog and the interesting,fun,thought provoking things you write about...your pictures of kids at the Saturday Farmer's Market are wonderful...and I especially relate to your perspective on life and the basis goodness of most people...your recipes make me hungry when I'm lying in bed at midnight reading one of your posts with something you've put together!! I almost have to get up and go find something to eat!!! Mary in Colorado


Thanks Debbie! I told Sister she should use that rendering as her "about" photo :-)


Mary: thanks for reading in bed at midnight, and for letting me know you are doing so - right next door, in Colorado. Carol

Amy in Texas

This is awesome! Can't wait to see who did the crime!


Oh, she's a total thug! And Dottie knows it!

The new girl in town is about to get ensnared in events that involve food, fancy coffee, and get-away-cars. None will ever be the same.


Amy - me too!

jacki long

Great, looking forward to it!;o)


Sounds like it could be a screenplay for Midsomer Murders only set in Mendocino.

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