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jacki long

Indeed! Perfect.


I love everything about your chocolate pie from the card the recipe is printed on to the lovely handwriting to the ingredients all around. Reminds me that I have to get out Aunt Anita's Golden Sponge Cake recipe and her Gingerbread recipe soon after that.


Ahhh... food memories! Most,if not all, my memories are related to food. Granny was from KY and owned several restaurants over the years. My most requested dish was KY Hot Brown!!! Oh, and always fried chicken. I still have and use her iron skillet she used to make cornbread. My favorite heirloom by far.

Carolyn Dietridh

Save me a piece! I'll be right there! Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe. I love chocolate pie.


Clearly good food memories are important. Emie - we had a hot brown when we were in Kentucky and LOVED it. Carolyn I have your piece of pie cut and waiting. Maria - I love the name "Anita's Golden Sponge Cake" - perfect.


My Grandma made a chocolate pie that we miss dearly. I don't recall a meringue topping, but her crust was to die for. I may have to give Aunt Mabel's recipe a try. Whose image is overlapping your Dad's in the photo? (Lower right. Do you see it?)


Yes Michelle, that’s his sister Lois.

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