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Report on making the maple pecan phyllo crust pie you shared on this blog long ago:

Hosting Thanksgiving for the first time since you printed the recipe, and I couldn't wait to try it! It came out of the oven looking gorgeous! But I suddenly felt something might be wrong, so I consulted the recipe, and found that multi-tasking in the kitchen is not my forte: I FORGOT the maple syrup in the pie!!! However, improvisation IS my thing: I sewed the pie with warm maple syrup pour over the top, and it was fantastic! So you can add to your accolades that not only is it easy, pretty and long-lasting, but also idiot proof!


Ah Jeannette - I made that pecan pie in a phyllo crust in November of 2013. Well I recall because Brother was here. I MUST make it again. I have seen several pies this season that use phyllo for crust. I am so glad that even an accomplished chef like yourself occasionally makes a gaffe and you figure out how to recover! So much of life is about recovering from momentary lapses. xo

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